Talking the talk

June 2, 2010

I was talking to an ex student of mine when it hit me…

The realisation of what many people do…I knew it before, but the clarity of the thought hit me more clearly and sharply than ever before. If you take 350 thieves and vagabonds, a couple of policemen on horseback can clear them…give them titles and you have validation and a parliament…

It’s the same in silat…you take a whole heap of people of dubious qualification and bunch them together, they big each other up…you, the public think they are all okay because they all say nice things about each other. The reality is, they aren’t that good, but are just talking the talk! I went online and saw the perfect examples…wow! A clue, is that the longer the name, the less likely it is to be traditional Malasian Silat…and if they have their names in the style, with few exceptions, it’s their ego talking.

Glenn Lobo


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