I wish I was as good as you!

June 7, 2010

Someone said this to me over the weekend after seeing my demo at the FMA festival. I’m not telling you this to big myself up but to illustrate a point.

This person had been bullied at school, and had done some martial arts training over the years, but various factors had led to them giving up. When you look round the hall at some of the luminaries in there you realise the time that these people have given up to make a success of their martial arts.

Wishes are dreams and are gone when you wake. Goals, written and subscribed to are the things that spur you on. Every senior martial artist in that hall over the weekend has put in over 20 years of training, countless thousand hours of work practice blood sweat tears.

Every journey begins with a single step, but if that is all you take you wont get very far. Likewise if you constantly change direction you end up with no goals, no objective and no direction which you can see in some people who train for a few months with many different teachers. To get somewhere in martial arts and life you have to take action, but that is only the start. The key and most important point is to take CONSISTENT action. For those of us teaching and demonstrating at the weekend, that means to train with a proper teacher. Every day do something that will take you nearer your goal.

Glenn Lobo


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