What makes a real guru?

June 16, 2010

When you train with a guru, you rely on them for your health and well being. If your ‘guru’ is unreliable in turning up to teach you, or is only there for the money, how can you trust and rely on them for your well being, physically and spiritually. I used to go to a guru’s house at the appointed time and he wasn’t there. After an hour he would sometimes turn up. It was clear he had forgotten but would try and cover it up by saying ‘it was a test of my tenacity and willingness to learn.’ Unfortunately, that is bullshit.

Glenn Lobo


One Response to “What makes a real guru?”

  1. Glenn Lobo said

    Let me continue. You don’t become a guru by receiving a title, or a certificate. A Guru is a teacher, a guide a leader. How can you lead someone morally when you have not the slightest idea of what you purport to teach? You cannot. Humility is one of the things we espouse in Silat, yet there is so much false modesty and feigned humility. The wringing hands of Uriah Heep have no place in Silat. I know people who want to be Gurus, to secure respect in their community but who have feigned humility to get it… the two are opposite and sadly reflect the total lack of understanding of the concept.

    If as a guru you injure your students, for example in a demo, or you do not protect them or their families, you are not worthy of the title of guru. That is why in Silat Lincah, the way I was taught it, my teacher, my Guru Johari Jantan has stood by me through some difficult times, he has taken much criticism on my behalf, has stood up to be counted. He has fed, watered, and sheltered me as his student, as I know he has done for countless students throughout KL.

    In our club and our school we look after our students as our children (no matter your age!!). when I used to go to Holland to train, my teacher there, Rudi Luiken would collect me from the bus depot, take me to training feed me and look after me. The legacy of these two great unknown teachers is what we try to extend to our family in Silat. That is the real Guru.

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