The Nature Of Reality

June 30, 2010

I have heard it said that there are now three divisions in martial arts: reality based street arts, traditional, or sport/MMA.

Many I know, feel it is a shame that many people think like this. It is sometimes an attempt to devalue what other people do, and in essence, undermines the people who denigrate other because they are different..
We oppose racism and even gingerism after all…

I watched a discussion where a martial artist talked about the spiritual aspect of the martial arts in a street context, and was put down by the reality based guy. Saving your ass on the street is more important than kicking someone else’s!! The spiritual aspect is also knowing when
to walk away and when to fight, only fighting if you are given no choice without provoking the situation, and having the discernment to know when to stop.

That is what you learn in most martial arts classes, and rightly so.

Violence is the use of excessive force. As martial artists, it is our duty to oppose violence and only use so if necessary, using our skills, WITHOUT resorting to the excesses we are trying to curb in others.

Glenn Lobo


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