Let me introduce myself.
I am Guru Glenn Lobo and am Chief Instructor of the British Silat association based in Luton, United Kingdom.

I have trained in many different forms of martial art over the years but have found Silat Lincah to be the most enjoyable and effective for me.
I run 2 classes in Luton, 1 for adults and 1 for children and get a feeling of accomplishment from both.

I aim to train my students to the best of their ability with no limitations placed on their age, sex, race or religion. After all, we live in a multi cultural world and everyone is equal.

I not only instruct Silat Lincah but also a Filipino stick art called Lightning Scientific Arnis, although some people might know this as Eskrima and have had some great success with my classes.

I have started to include my young daughters in my classes (well they’re never too young to become as great as Dad) and they thoroughly enjoy the training too.

These days we seem to read so much in the newspapers about youngsters taking their own lives due to bullying or being stabbed as they casually go about their business. I decided that the children’s classes will help teach children what it means to have respect in yourself and for others, how to stand up for your self and not be afraid to let others know what is happening to you.

Using some of my martial art skills as part of an anti bullying system. It’s not how to get out of a situation it’s more not allowing yourself to be in the situation in the first place.

I have some videos and photos that you might like to take a look at so why not click on any of the following links and then let me know what you think or whether you’d be interested in joining in one of my classes or purchasing a DVD.


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